Our Team


Parks and Leisure Services Director
Jennifer Basham
Phone: 254-918-1216
Email: jbasham@stephenvilletx.gov

Parks and Cemeteries Superintendent
Jesus Coronado
Phone: 254-918-1239
Email: jcoronado@stephenvilletx.gov

Recreation Superintendent
Cherisa (CV) Black
Phone: 254-918-1296
Email: cverastigue@stephenvilletx.gov

Recreation Coordinator
Ashley Asire
Phone: 254-918-1205
Email: asnyder@stephenvilletx.gov

Recreation Coordinator
Kat Lindley
Phone: 254-918-1295
Email: klindley@stephenvilletx.gov

Recreation Aide
Tyler Newcomb
Phone: 254-918-1295
Email: tnewcomb@stephenvilletx.gov